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Corsair Vengance LPX compatibility


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I have a four sticks of corsair vengance lpx ddr 4 3200mhz 8gb stick and i am planning to upgrade my workstation memory adding a pair of 16gb stick or a 32gb stick of the same model. Will this still run on my computer? Hope someone could give me an advice.

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I am planning to get a corsair vengance lpx (2x16) 3200mhz and mix it with my corsair vengance (4x8) 3200mhz. I have a TR4 mobo that has 8 mem slots however the cpu fan is too wide and has taken over the space of the mem slot. Which limits me to 2 available mem slots. When i checked both sticks (8gb and 16gb) have different latency. Is this alright to be combined? 

8gb stick latency is 16-18-18-36

while the

16gb stick latency is 16-22-22-42


I need to upgrade because of vfx work. 

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