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Can you upgrade 5180 Hard Drive?


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I bought my Corsair 5180 in May of 2019 and have been happy with it, but it looks like I'm going to run out of hard drive space. I'm at about 80%.

Is an EXTERNAL drive recommended or are there internal upgrades?

Anyone's comments are appreciated.


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there are hard drive cages behind the motherboard. If you open the side panel you will see them.

There will also be SATA power connectors, for hard drives,  tied up amongst the power supply cables there.

Hopefully there are also SATA data cables supplied somewhere with the PC, and the typical pouch with a bunch of screws but at worst you can buy them cheap on amazon, along with a SSD drive. It's worth checking what you have in the package.

For internal you'll need a SATA data cable, 4 screws to install the SSD to the drive tray, and the SSD itself.


So yes, it's totally upgradeable.

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yes totally 😛

mechanically, a PC is just a glorified lego. things plugs only one way so you shouldn't be able to mess things up installing a drive.

But it would be good if your geek mates could show you how it's connected, and how to initialize/format a blank drive in windows.

It's really simple... once you did it once.

Well the important info is that yes you can add drives to your computer, in 5 minutes start to finish 🙂

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