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led upgrad screen as standalone ?


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hi i wanted to build me a new build and i was planing out a few things...

i have a silent loop2 from be quiet laying around,
i wanted to replace the fans with LL fans and add the lcd pump upgrade kit and use it in my new build....

i saw the lcd screen upgrade kit is connected to the pump header on the motherboard 

and its also connected to the commander pro... 

it looks to me like the screen(toppart) has a pass through (extension) of the pump header to the pump (downpart) sitting on the cpu...
if i extend the pump header would it should work with another pump right???

i know the shape of the screen is different then the silent loop but im just want to know if the connections would work out...


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No, it won't work. There are connects specifically to the cooler and they are unique to the Capellix coolers. The screen is also not happy when it is connected to a Commander Core (not Commander Pro, only the Commander Core will work) but not connected to a pump.


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