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HWmonitor, aida64, hwinfo, cpuz do not read correct measures. 3000 MHz, 1,35V

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System: Windows 11 - Insider

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X 4.65 GHz

Memory: 2x Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK32GX4M2A2666C16

Video: RTX 2060 Geforce

NVM-e ADATA falcon 480GB

Water Cooler 120 mm

These memories do not work in 1,2V at Asus B550 mainboard, only 1,35 V, but the report of aida64 and others read 1,2V. Why?





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hmmm Aida only shows the CPU Vcore not the Dram voltage here.

The ram works at 1.2V at its base frequency (JEDEC specs).

Wen you enable XMP/DOCP to make it work at 3000mhz, this is an overclock, and the voltage is bumped up to the typical 1.35V. This is normal ­čÖé

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If you have multiple fan/temp monitor programs running at the same time (even installed at the time) your going to get incorrect readings 100% of the time.

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