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ICUE with corsair m55/Glaive locking programs


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This will be somewhat long but stick with me, so this is an odd issue that developed today, nothing new on my PC same as always and I did not have this issue yesterday. ICUE is some how locking out any program I open, let me explain in a little more detail since "Locking out" is a broad term.

I have YouTube open currently in chrome, Discord and League of legends client, I run ICUE since i have various corsair parts, whenever I press MB4 to go back on a YouTube page etc. all programs that are open freeze, YouTube keeps playing but I cant close the window I cant pause, discord I'm still talking and hear people but I cant type or disconnect from a call, league I cant que for a game.

I can open new programs like steam but once steam opens it sits there and I cant click Library or anything, my mouse still moves no issue, I have two different mice a Corsair Glaive and an m55 both cause the issue, when I press MB4 everything is stuck where it currently is and task manager even locks up.

I did not know what this was at first since it came out of the blue, so I started my PC in safe boot and turned off all start up apps and opened them one by one to see what was the issue, once I got to ICUE it opened like normal all programs working fine but as soon as I pressed MB4 to go back a page everything locked. So I checked again restarted pc and opened just ICUE no other programs open and used file explorer to test the back button sure enough as soon as i did this explorer locked and I was unable to make the program do anything, no crash errors if i ctrl alt del i get stuck on the windows screen with a few options but cant interact with them.

I restored to a backup on an external HDD from about a year ago when the issue was not present, did fresh updates on everything and still the same issue persists. I tried also to set all my pc parts clock rate to default and this had no effect. I tried and confirmed this with both my Corsair mice, when ICUE is open if I press MB4 everything stops, I have the latest drivers for everything ICUE is up to date I tried different USB ports etc. Is this a problem for anyone else or is there a fix for this? since currently i cant have ICUE open at all or I lose functionality of my pc.

Note after 24 hrs pc is working flawlessly without ICUE open still same issue if i open the program i have to hard reset my pc.

Specs if needed:


RTX 2070 super

32gig corsair veng rgb pro

2x 2TB Samsung 970 evo

asus z390-A mobo ( i have reinstalled ICUE without the asus aura plug-in thinking this was causing an issue, the issue still persists even without the asus aura plugin.)

be quiet! Straight Power 11 Platinum 1000W

corsair AIO 240mm

6QL 120s


M55/Glaive for mouse

All temps and monitoring tools are completely normal aside from ICUE being a CPU hog when its turned on but yeah that's normal.


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