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Purchased the H150i Elite Capellix for an Alder Lake CPU, do I just need just the retrofit standoffs or the bracket as well?

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Confused by what is being offered on the website. One retrofit kit is just the standoffs and the other is the standoffs and brackets. Is it a new bracket compared to what is in the box or are they just making the brackets available for people that may not have them any longer?

It is unclear what exactly comes in the CW-8960093 ELITE Series Retention Kit.  Are these the same exact brackets in the box for the cooler I just bought or are they modified for LGA1700?  The spec sheet says "Intel LGA1700 is supported with purchase of CW-8960091 or CW-8960093 spare parts."  Why the "OR"?


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I'm pretty sure you'll be okay with just the 2.99 retrofit kit as your cooler is on the list of supported ones: https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/company/press-release/keeping-your-cpu-cooler-on-the-cutting-edge-corsair-all-in-one-coolers-are-ready-for-lga-1700-and-intel-alder-lake-processors 

But you're right, they've done a pretty rubbish job of communicating which bits you need. (and an even worse job of getting them to people).

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I just got my 2.99 retrofit screw kit today and here's what I can tell you:

1. You do not need the bracket kit.  Maybe if you accidentally threw your original bracket away or something.  I have a Gigabyte Z690 motherboard and my existing bracket fits great because it is adjustable.

2. Yes, you should order the standoff screws.  The main thing is that the part in the middle between the two screws is shorter and lets the cooling plate get closer and tighter on the heat spreader on top of the CPU.  *Note - I have been running for a week with the original screws and it worked great

3. Corsair has taken a VERY simple message and made it complex, confusing and frustrating.  If I was their head of marketing I would make it simple: "team, make a short video to post to our homepage and YouTube channel/social media.  You need to have the boxes of ALL of our coolers that are compatible with LGA1700 on a work table in front of you (go grab them from the supply closet on the 2nd floor).  Now, I want you to point at them and say "all of these are compatible with your fancy new LGA1700 12th-gen Alder Lake CPUs. . . BUT, you just need this simple little kit.  At that point, you pull a bag with 4 screws out of your pocket.  Tell people "here's the thing, we would send these out for free, but times are tough, so we're charging $3 to cover our shipping, hope that's ok".  Now, put the new screws next to the old ones.  Say "these new screws are pretty much like the ones that came in the box, but look, they're just a TINY bit shorter.  Wanna know why?  Well, it's because Intel made these chips a little thinner, and the sockets they go in are just a TINY bit closer to the main motherboard.  I don't know why, but that's just how it is."  Next, pull out some thermal paste.  Explain to people that they'll probably want to buy thermal paste if they don't already have some.  Then spend 3 mins showing how to move the cooler from an old motherboard to a new one, and how to re-apply paste.  Tell them to enjoy their new CPU and you're so glad they've chosen to cool it with Corsair!"

[Fade to Black]


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