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h115i elite capellix problem


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I decided a little while ago to change my configuration, once this last one is mounted and functional (with a ventirad) I finally decided to switch to a watercooling h115i elite capellix. Yesterday I installed my watercooling, except that when I turn on the computer, there is no noise from the pump or even from the led, so the computer shuts down after a minute, the fans are running properly and light up well.

I have checked my connections 3 times and everything seems to be ok.


My motherboard is an Asrok Z590M Phantom Gaming 4 (new)



I tried to connect the fan cable to both ports, but it doesn't change anything Then, I plugged the 24pin on my commander core, connecting the usb to a usb port on the bottom of my motherboard and the sata cable to a cable of my power supply (Corsair RM750)

I don't know where the problem comes from and I hope you can help me



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The “fan connector” from the pump is a tachometer wire only, so no power there and not the issue. On the Elite series coolers power is passed from SATA to Commander Core controller to pump via that odd wide cable on the side of the Com Core. Power down and check the SATA to Commander connection, then disconnect the wide cable and reconnect. There is a white mark to show you the proper alignment. You can try a different SATA connector for power, but that is usually not the issue. 

Unfortunately if that does not resolve it you are looking at problem with either the pump or Commander and you will need to contact Corsair Support or exchange it with the vendor.

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Thank you for your answer and your precision.

I already checked (and reconnected) the connection between the commander and the pump, then between the commander and the sata of my power supply which didn't change anything :/.

My power supply is new, and I have the sata working fine because I took the one used for my hard drive to make sure it worked.

I will probably have to change the h115i, I hope it didn't damage my processor 😕

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Yes, I think there is a hardware problem. CPU damage is very unlikely. While the cooler does not work adequately with zero flow, the cold plate still conducts heat off the cpu. It’s very difficult to reach the mb safety shutdown temp unless you deliberately create extended load. This is different than if you don’t get the cold plate in contact at all and there is no cooling mechanism. The cpu temp spike can exceed the limit before the MB cuts the power. 

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Thanks a lot, I'm getting my new kit tomorrow, I hope it works because I can't wait to use my pc 

I will keep you posted 🙂

Two more things, can you confirm me that the sata cable of this power supply are compliant for the H115i ? 



Is it better to connect the tachometer to the CPU FAN socket or to CPU FAN/WP?


Have a nice day 🙂

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Yes, that SATA and PSU should be fine.  We occasionally see issues with specific cables or PSUs and missing 3.3 or 5v rails, but the pump is 12v power so I don't think that issue is in play either way.  


The tachometer wire can go to any MB header.  Usually the best choice is the one that the least value to you for fan control.  On most motherboards that is CPU fan because it doesn't work well for anything except CPU air coolers (aggressive fan response, etc).  If you do not use CPU Fan, you will need to disable the warning system in the BIOS or it won't boot.  The reverse of that is if you use CPU Fan, then you will get an instant CPU Fan error when the pump does not respond back to the MB, so you will immediately now if there is a pump issue on boot.  

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