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Cooler fans for 5000D Airflow

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I bought a Corsair 5000D Airflow PC case (which hasn't arrived yet) but I already bought the cooler fans for it - except for the three 120mm fans on the side.
Due to having to use - in addition to the filter that comes with it - another filter on top of the one under the mesh screen (in my house there are many dogs and there are hairs everywhere you look) to prevent hair from getting into the case, my airflow is negative because the filters reduce the air intake.
I'll have to put three more on the side, and I'd like them to be silent - since to equalize the flow and leave it neutral I believe that if they are running at maximum at 700rpm it can solve it.
I don't want to remove the panel that is in front of the side fans either. If it stays as it is, the airflow generated by these three fans will be directed straight to the motherboard, correct? The images convey this feeling.
I thought about installing this model: Corsair AF120 120mm LED WHITE - CO-9050082-WW. It comes in a pack of three. My questions are:
1. Are these fans good? I saw that they don't have the anti-vibration rubber.
2. Is it possible to configure them to run at a maximum of 700 rpm, also preventing them from making too much noise if the rotation is higher? Priority is the lowest noise level.
3. Can anyone nominate others who are better at what I want to do? None of the ones I bought have RGB, so it's not a determining factor. He has to be silent and able to control the speed of the three
4. As the case comes with a hub for up to six pwm connections, is there an adapter cable that you can connect all three of which has only one output? With that I would use only one of the six connections I have.

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