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iCUE and Ryzen 3900 causing 3.80ghz to 500mhz and under in an instant


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First of all i would like to say that i do like corsair products and most of my system has been built using them.


The most recent version of icue CORSAIR iCUE v4.16.194 is basically nothing short of a nightmare,since updating to this version ive had more headaches and troubles that you could imagine.

First of all i actually thought i had a faulty processor(of which im still not sure)

Basically what would happen is when using my computer even just browsing the internet my processor would go from 3.80ghz to under 500mhz in an instant only noticable when my system became very sluggish and unresponsive.

So i thought it could be a windows 10 issue,i reinstalled windows 10 the issue came back,i had only installed drivers icue and browsers so it really couldnt be them i thought.

I looked at what my cpu was doing and my ppt and soc were both at 100% usage,definitely something wrong there i thought,back to the drawing board.

So i shutdown the pc waited for a minute or 2 booted up again then everything was normal again.

I uninstalled icue 4 and reinstalled version 3 and up to now i havent had any issues,so it seems to be the most recent version of icue thats causing the issues,if anyone else has had any experience of this occurence please could you post and let me know.Surely i cant be the only one this is happening to.

Ive already reached out to support just waiting now on a reply,hopefully this can be resolved as i would hate to have to change everything as i really do like corsair products in general.


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