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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE with new hiss/whit noise


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Hello there,


i got the Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE since 2019. I really love this headset. Everything is great.

I always used the sidetone because i really like that feature. 


So yesterday I went into iCue for no specific reason and clicked on the dongle of the headset.

Then i found the settings on the bottom left for "Mode". I wondered what the difference between "PlayStation" and "Multipoint" could be.

So I clicked on "Multipoint" and the Headset restarted. 

So heres my Problem: Since it restarted i got this strange hiss/whit noise when theres no sound. That wasnt the case before.

In addition there ist a hiss/white noise when I put my volume up in windows. That wasnt the case before too.


So I dont want to turn off Sidetone and i really want the back the old state of the headset.

I already tried to reset it but I dont know how to. I activated Windows Sonic but that didnt help. I switched back to PlayStation mode but that didnt help either. 

So I need help. Maybe someone else got the same problem.




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Hi H3B4T,

Multipoint is for connecting other compatible Corsair devices into the same dongle.

For resetting the headset back to it's previous and factory state, try the following steps.

  1. Make sure your headset is currently unplugged.
  2. Make sure your headset is powered on.
  3. Hold the Mute button on the headset down for about 15 seconds.
  4. Switch the headset off and then back on.
  5. Test your headset and see if the issue is resolved.


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Hey, I have the exact same problem since I update my dongle and my headset. I have the headset for almost a year, I never had problem with it, and since I update it hiss noise is coming from the headset even if nothing is playing

I will try to reset the headset but I notice that the hiss noise stop when I unplug the dongle, is there a way to reset the dongle too?



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