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Update To WIndows 11 - corsair.service High CPU


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Just update my system from Windows 10 to Windows 11 - Went smooth as a baby butts, so that's good in away. However the "corsair.service" is running far higher then normal, making my CPU work more then before. Even on idle it's seems to be at 30%

It's still working fine as normal, but while doing heavy work or gaming, I just do not like seeing it being high. "corsair.service" with High CPU maxing my CPU at 60% to 80% - Task Manager saying mostly at 30% to 40% as for "corsair.service"

Anyone can help, is there an update for the software or just a windows 11 bug or what?? 

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Not a Win 11 bug, but it looks like something is not in proper alignment. I am assuming you did an in place upgrade from 10->11. Try the standard “repair install” from the Windows Settings->Apps list.  Select Corsair iCUE and “modify”. This will not delete settings or profiles. 

If that does not resolve it, you or need to do a full clean install with registry clean up. That is usually where the problem resides. Make sure you export your profiles first and this will erase all settings and data. 


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