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How long til we get a manual save button? Corsair 3 -> 4 and still anytime the computer crashes or iCUE crashes, most changes since last launch are lost


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Gone round and round with support on this issue before, on multiple computers, clean installs, the whole cornucopia of troubleshooting. 


Please, just add a "Save" button. 




Since you guys can't figure out how to make the application properly save anytime a change is made, just give me a manual save button so I don't have to choose between constantly exporting/reimporting, or losing work anytime the application dies/crashes, or my computer reboots or crashes. 


We're not talking "I just did a thing 5 seconds ago and then I crash" - we're talking "My computers and iCUE have been running for days, and now anything new I do will be lost no matter what, 100% of the time, because iCUE's internal process that saves changes has long since gone to sleep never to awaken again until freshly launched" 

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