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Virtuoso SE bricked but working? I need help

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So randomly this weekend I noticed my virtuoso didn't have a light on when I plugged it to charge. The battery indicator LED wasn't lighting up. The next day when I turned my PC on, I noticed that the LED on the earcups weren't lighting either. Then I switched my headset from USB to Wireless, there wasn't that "paring" sound queue you get when you switch mode. I tested the sound wheel and it's also not doing anything. I feels like my headset somehow bricked itself?

Now the weird part, the headset works... kind of. Regardless of where I put the switch on (Wireless or wired mode) the headset seems stuck in the wireless mode. I get sound out of it, but it is clearly stereo and semi-crappy quality sound. I took the time to uninstall iCue, get the new iCue 4, I went in device manager, uninstalled the Virtuoso drivers, nothing works.

To me, it sounds like for some weird reason, my headset has no firmware, and iCue kind of confirms that : 




My headset has no version whatsoever. Now I don't even know if there's a way for me to force a firmware back onto the headset, it seems to be charging when I plug it in since it's been like 2 days and it didn't die but when I plug it on my PC, I don't get the USB sound prompt from windows that I plugged a device... so I have no way to know for sure if the USB-C port is only working for charging and not able to connect to a pc.


I'm really hoping to get this fixed.... I've got this headset a while back and it was expensive... I can't fathom having to buy a new headset right now... especially when I don't even know why it bricked itself like that...

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Hi Nokta,


Try clicking Check for Updates, then the 3 dots menu, then Force Update on the headset, and let us know your results. 

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