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Which Corsair Coolers support LGA1700 right now?


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I am pre-ordering i7-12700. Does Corsair have any coolers that fit LGA1700, right now? 

I have H115i cooling my i7-7700K but I understand it will will not be convertible to lga1700. I


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No, not as a complete kit as of this exact moment. You would be looking for an Elite series AIO plus the LGA1700 upgrade kit. The new Elite LCD coolers that are a combo package of Elite AIO and LCD pump top are listed as 1700 ready, but they are not available yet and it’s not clear if that is a new pump mounting system or the old plus the bracket kit. It stands to reason it is the later, but a good question. 


*However, it seems people are now receiving the new Elite LCD units.  Sourcing one quickly might be difficult, but no more than any of the other Z690 related components.  We may also get an answer to the bracket question.

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