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AXi (and maybe HXi/RMi) PSU inconsistent widget presentation

Citizen Crazed

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Hi all, first of all, thanks Corsair peeps for continuing to improve support for these units within iCue, and for the *massive* strides made improving the suite as a whole. A couple of lingering issues with the PSU support tho:

Firstly, the PSU widget presentation within the dashboard is inconsistent, some will randomly disappear and then reappear again without any user input. Sometimes we get this:


And then, for no obvious reason, just this:


This presentation will change seemingly randomly - it's not directly affected by system (or iCue) restarts.

However, the other example of it is in the main hardware settings screen. Immediately after a restart (of the OS or iCue) you see this:


But if you switch to the Alerts panel, then immediately switch back to the Cooling panel, you get this, with added graphic goodness:


That behaviour is consistent and reproducible.

None of these are major issues, but if it's possible to address them, brilliant.

Also, I guess these might be better as a separate post, but if it's possible to ask for a couple of feature requests: Firstly for the return of the PSU input voltage display/monitoring parameter. Plus some extra granularity on the minima/maxima indications would be super useful. By way of example, the whole number only representations in these PSU monitoring figures are next to pointless. Min 12, max 12. Tells me nothing! 🙂 See also the CPU vCore readings and otheres where we need to see the variations to the right hand side of the decimal point.

Finally, it would be wonderful to be able to lock the layout of some/all dashboard components. Regularly having to move stuff around the way I want it is... less than ideal.

Again thanks for the big strides made with this recently, looking forward to seeing what the DDR5 and other new bits and pieces are gonna do soonish 🙂






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