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Corsair LL120 fans not lighting up

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I've started building my new computer a couple of days ago and everything is up and running now.

Although im facing some problems with the LL120 fans.

I've hooked up the ToRGB cables into the fan hub, these are in order from 1 > 4.

Then the fan hub is hooked into the Lighting Node Pro which were both incluced in my triple pack.

The fan hub and LNP are both connected through SATA

I've managed to get the lights to turn on once, all of the fans were a static color although after a restart the fans stopped lighting up completely again.

The LNP is not being recognized by windows. icue nor in UsbDeview

Things i've tried to far:

  • Turning off fast boot in BIOS
  • Disabling & Enabling XHCI standoff
  • Switching the order of the fans to the fan hub & individually
  • Flashing the LNP to older & the newest firmware i could find
  • Replacing the the mini usb cable (Directly to rear/io & different usb port on mobo)
  • Switching SATA power cables

I'm currently still awaiting a reply from Corsair on my support ticket although I thought maybe someone else has something I could try in the meanwhile.

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