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HARPOON Wireless iCue problems + batt. question


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I left the logitech camp and bought my first Corsair mouse today. Its a HARPOON wireless mouse and it looks, feels and works great. But, Im having a somewhat wierd experience after dealing with the iCue 4 app. From what I could read and google, it seems like I need this iCue App to control the rgb light on the mouse. What Im having a hard time understanding is how mouse drivers and RGB control software needs to be a 850mb(!) installer that constantly uses half a GB of RAM while running?!

All I want to do is to make the RGB static white or to turn it OFF, since the standard changing rainbow colors are too distracting and annoying. I really want to keep the mouse but not if Im forced to use an app that uses more RAM than my browser with 10 tabs open...! Just to control an LED that I dont even want.. Its not reasonable. There is something Im missing, right?

So to my first question is:

How can I fix this RGB problem without having iCue eating so much RAM? I just want basic drivers.

and just out of curiosity: Why does the iCue 4 app use such a large amount of RAM and have such a large installer?


Second problem and question:

I realized that I cant find the battery percentage or battery levels in any way of form, anywhere.. All it says is "Battery Status: Charging". But there are no blinking lights or any other light that shows the status of charging like the manual says there should be. How do I know if the mouse is charging and how can I view how much battery I have left?


Thanks in advance


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