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Dark Core RGB Pro scroll wheel malfunctioning after update


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Since updating to iCue 4 and installing a corresponding firmware update, the scroll wheel on my Dark Core RGB Pro mouse is no longer working correctly. It will almost always lag and occasionally cause a document or web page to scroll in the opposite direction. This is not a hardware issue, because scrolling worked just fine prior to the update.

I tried downgrading to iCue 3 to see if that would fix the issue, but iCue 3 no longer recognizes my mouse or receiver (I'm guessing this is due to the firmware update).

I'd like to either have the option to revert the firmware upgrade or else submit an official bug report.

Thanks in advance,

- R

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Well, I was wrong. Using an air duster to blow out the crevices of the mouse, including the area around the scroll wheel, seems to have resolved the problem. Seems like maybe some dust or something was interfering with the scroll wheel's optical encoder, and the timing with respect to the firmware upgrade was just a coincidence. Scrolling is snappy and deterministic again. 🤞

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