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Daw Config,problems!!


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I read your advises and are great!!

I have a P4 2.8 ghz HT with the Asus P4C800 deluxe and 1GB of memory....kingston ddr 3200.

I use this computer for audi recording , mixing and editing.

I have some problems because the resources goes up and down.

I mean when use Protools for ex. i load the project and the cpu meter says that is on a 25% in the begining when i just open the session, then i hit play and goes to 70%, i play stop and stays the same!! then you see that the cpu label changes all the time and goes higher , and even when i stop the song seems like the memory became so slow that i can not even open windows...

i am also having some crashes with other softwares...........

Do u think the memorys that i have are defective? are not good?

i just formmated and re-installed windows...but before was even worst and said many times after crashing ..... dump of physical memory!!

what that means?

for example if i leave my session stopped for 5 min , the cpu label on protools looks almost to 95% and i am not playing anything!! I have to wait even almost a minute to open a window!!

seems like the memory buffer get full with no reasons!! and doesnt reset depending of the use and information.

Specially when i stop the resources look lower that when is on play and almost close to freeze!!

Can you help me please?


thank you!!


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