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Using a mouse dongle for headset?

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Does anyone know if you can use a mouse dongle to pair with any of the wireless headsets? I use a laptop and hate the large USB dongles with headsets as it requires removing it to put the computer in a case. I have tried bluetooth headsets, but never work well with Discord and games. I have tried slipstream but gave up after a countless hours trying to get it to work correctly. 

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Hi BLantz,

Our modern devices with the slipstream are generally capable of converting to Multipoint dongles, which definitely would allow you to use your mouse and headset on the same dongle, potentially.


Exactly what headset, and exactly what mouse, are you trying to pair here? 

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I'm pretty sure that you have to use the headset dongles for the headsets, period. You can pair mice to it as well but you can't pair a headset with a mouse dongle. It doesn't have the extra electronics that the headset needs (it not larger as a design feature!). A mouse dongle can pair a mouse and a keyboard.

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