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Does the LED lighting color performance on LL fans deteriorate over time?


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I have three 140mm LL RGB fans that are first generation that were purchased just after Corsair released them. I have had them for a long time.

What I have noticed is that recently it would appear that the LED colors have begun to what I would describe as "deteriorate" and the colors are no longer as vivid or as bright.

Just wondering if someone had any specific knowledge who could answer the following?

How long are LL RGB 140mm expected to last?

Should they be replaced at some point even if functional?

Is the RGB color in the LL fans no longer being as bright or vivid after years of use a known issue?

Other than the colors for as vivid or bright, the fans still work fine and have no issues that I can see.

I just find it curious as I thought that these LEDs used in these RGB fans like the LL should pretty much last forever. 

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They last as long as the circuit designer makes them.

If they are driven hard (high current) they will slowly lose brightness and end up popping.

That's what we see with people using white lighting a lot which is an extreme case as that provides the maximum currrent to all 3 colored LEDs in the RGB chip. They can degrade and die in a matter of months.

If you use colored themes, cycles, and don't set the brightness to the max constantly, they will outlive your PC basically.

Of course there's LED quality too, some chips can die prematurely, but that usually happens within the warranty period.

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What is the warranty on the LL fans? I mean I have had these for like maybe 6 or 7 years... whenever they first came out.

No possible way they are still in warranty.... right?



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Yeah I went back and had a look.... they only have a 2 year warranty and these are like 5 maybe 6 or 7 years old... not sure but I have had them since they first were released. I guess I am lucky they are working as well as they are and considering they run 24 hours a day it is amazing that they have lasted as long as they have and are still working as well as they are.

Quality product for sure in my experience, but wish the LEDs were still as vivid and bright as they used to be.

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  • Corsair Employees

The warranty on LL Series RGB fans is for 2 years.

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