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MP600 Windows 11 setup.

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Issue. When installing (New install) Windows 11 on MP600 it fails during setup, or somewhere half way setup, but never can be completed.

When replacing MP600 1TB with (in my case) Samsung 980 PRO 1TB it runs flawless. I tested it on 2 systems now (Gigabyte B550/3900X and Asus X570/5950X) and both fail. Latest firmware on both systems.

I did restore my Windows 10 install and this runs without any problems. 

Anyone else having these issues?

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After a upgrade from 10 to 11 from within Windows 10 to 11 all seemed to work great after updating AMD chipset drivers. iCue 4 worked great no issues but as expected Motherboard integration with my ASUS board was broken.

But then i wanted to enable bitlocker and the problems started. My MP600 did not react on partition resize actions needed. So i tried disk management and nope, also nothing worked. SSD Toolbox gave no errors but when I wanted to do OP bam-chunk-dead. And my system rebooted. 

So I did a little test and booted my Synology Restore media (Win 10 PE) and used diskpart. Totally no issues. So booted back into Windows 11 and....... no disk management possible (even not on my not locked test partition). 

Then other issues arrise, i got read errors on files. 

So next try, clean install. And..... Not possible, Windows 11 cannot be clean installed on a MP600 drive. I think i got crazy zo did do it on my Samsung and that worked. So I had a Clean Windows 11 install on my 980 and statred to repartition my MP600 as data drive. Seemed to work until bam-chunk-dead-reboot.

So made a new Windows 11 media from MS, retried and same result. After that i did do a clean install of Windows 10. And..... totally no issues when on MP600. It works like a charm. 

My conclusion is, MP600 is not compatible with Windows 11.

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