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What plastic were Corsair Air540 Cases made from?


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Re-using and modifying my old Air540 case for a 12 or 18 Hotswap Bay Media Server. Its going to be pretty unique when I am done.

Central Divider basically gone except for some support struts. Hotswap Bays in the bottom half of the Windowed side, 2x PSU's in the bottom half of the PSU non windowed side. One PSU is for the Media Server itself. The other is to power a massive RGB Strip Desk setup. Beats mounting the PSU under the desk. Above the Hotswap Bays and PSU's will be a horizontal acrylic motherboard Tray and RGB Light panel hiding most of the Mobo with only cutouts for the RGB'ified Corsair A500 Air Cooler and 4x Dom-Plat Dimms. QL120 fans throughout. Fan Mesh slated panels front and top replaced with clear acrylic with cutouts for airflow. Doesn't need much as this is a Media server with only HDD's and a CPU hardly ever taxed much. Minimum RPM's 24/7 most likely. So front QL120 fans fully showcased and A500 Air Cooler/Ram and RGB Lightpanel Motherboard showcased through the Top (Top Fan mounts of the metal Chassis dremeled off and trimmed with rubber U-Channel) Windowed side panel will have a Vinyl sheet cut to the window size with a large rectangular cutout for the SnowBlind screen in the bottom half of the sheet and the top half of the vinyl sheet will have decals cut out of the name of the PC which is Density³ (Cube shaped case 'Dense' with components) and Corsair Logo etc. Backlit with the RGB Strip modified backlight of the Donor screen for the SnowBlind Mod below. The SnowBlind Mod uses the LCD layer of a donor screen where you can see whats displayed on the screen over the well lit and white painted components behind. ie. The screen is transparent. I will use Aida64 and its Sensor panel functionality to show comprehensive Data for each HDD in the system, with each HDD Data Widget positioned in front of the real Physical HDD it corresponds to. In other words, imagine a 'Live' Virtual Label for each HDD. Finally on the front of the case I will be mounting a 188mmx66mm IPS USB Display Sensor panel. While the SnowBlind Mod in front of the HDD bays only displays the HDD data, the front of case mounted Sensor panel will display all other system data.

...and now that I've made you all read through that, the actual question. I want to use my brothers Fiancee's Mr Beam II Laser Cutter to cut the opening in the front plastic of the case for the Sensor panel for that perfect OEM look. THe thing is that the Mr Beam laser cutters have certain limitations in what materials it can cut. THe colour and thickness of the plastic is within spec for this laser cutter but the type of plastic may no be. Some plastics you can't cut because certain chemicals that are harmful to the laser cutter can be produced. Hence I need to know what plastic the Corsair Air540 is made from so I can check it against the Mr Beam list of materials and plastics it shouldn't be used to cut.

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