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Swapping DDR4 Ram Covers between Dimms??


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Potentially changed plans and swapping of CPU/Mobo between planned builds for myself and my brother means that 4x8gb (32gb) sticks of 3600mhz/CL18 Vengeance RGB Pro for a 5900x/x570 system might end up in a closed cover Case and the system with 4x4gb (16gb) of Corsair Dominator Platinum is going in a 'showcase' Corsair based 12 Hotswap Bay Media Server.

The idea occured to me....Could I remove the entire Vengeance RGB Shrouds/modules from those 8x8gb diimms and swap them over to the 4x4gb dimms of the Dominator Platinum and Visa Versa? ie. The Dimms with the Platinum covers ends up in the closed case and the Dimms with the Vengeance RGB Pro covers ends up in the Windowed Media Server 'Show-case'.


On the one hand I think I heard that 3200mhz/CL14/15 DDR4 performs the same as 3600mhz/CL18 but the issue is that the 5900x/X570 based closed case PC will be used for the Adobe Suite of software as well as 4K60 Flat Gaming and VR Gaming and so 32gb would be beneficial there, whereas I only have 4x4gb (16gb) sticks of 3200/CL15 Dominator Platinum.....and also doesn't AMD Ryzen 9's 'Infinity Fabric' work best with matching Ram which is 3600mhz?

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the LEDs are soldered to the ram PCB on the vengeance, and on the Dominator, they are on the heatsink, but connected to the dominator PCB with a ribbon cable..

If it did fit, you'd have leds hidden under the inactive dominator LEDs on the vengeance, and no lights on the dominator.. basically.

Can't be done.

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