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Struggling to figure out fans with Commander Pro

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Have an MSI Tomahawk X570 Mobo, which could be part of my problem. Capellix 150i cooler with 3 MLs and 1 SP120 Elite Pro on a Commander Core, plugged into USB header on Mobo--works fine, AIO detected fine. Happy here.

I have 6 SP 120 Elite Pro fans connected to LNC, connected via USB to CMDR Pro. iCue detects CMDR Pro, which is connected to the Mobo vis USB header, but iCue will not let me control any RGB lighting. I have nothing connected to the LED slots because the LNC connects to the CMDR pro only via USB. iCue does let me set fan speed based on 3 profiles and the 6 SP fans have RGB (just can't control it). I also tried (and failed) to have the CMDR Pro connect to an LS100 strip via an LED slot. Couldn't get anything to work there and also couldn't get the CMDR Core to work when I tried to connect that to the CMDR Pro's USB directly (as above, it only works when directly connected to the Mobo).

So my question... iCue detects the CMDR Pro--would it be easier to buy an RGB hub, plug that into the LED channel on the CMDR Pro and try to see if that works instead of using the LNC and CMDR Pro? OR.... should I gamble, spend another $60 on a CMDR Core XT, which should handle the SP 120 fans with no issues, and should also allow me to run the LS100 strips I have based on Corsair's site? I'm struggling here and would rather spend $60 if it's the easiest option... and then maybe I'll have a ceremonial CMDR Pro burning, because it's been a nightmare to try to use so far.  And... is there anything I should worry about re: 10 fans to make sure I don't fry something if I ever get it all working?  Really appreciate any ideas / help. First build and it's been a mess.

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A Fan Hub would be simpler. But yes, the Commander Core XT would handle that as well.

How did you fail connecting the LS100 to the CoPro?

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