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need rma for bad 512 stick

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ok, here goes... About 2 weeks ago my computer died. i am somewhat technically inclined in repairing and trouble shooting pc's. heck im even a+ certified (big deal...i know :P) and i thought i had traced the problem to the motherboard. so, i ordered another board (asus a7n8x-x) and put my computer back together. i turn it on and i get one long beep over and over again. i researched the beep code and it says either my ram or processor is either not properly seated, they are malfunctioning. so, i reseat everything including videocard, pci cards, etc., even reset the bios and still get the long beeps. so, i figure one of the things is malfunctioning so i take an older processor and ram (ddr 2100/athlon xp 1700+) and it posts and displays fine. so in doing that i traced it to either the corsair ram (cmx512-3200c2) or the processor (athlon xp 2600+ 333 tbred) i had a friend bring me a stick of XXXXXXXXX 512 pc3200, and i put my processor back in and it posts and displays just fine. to make sure it wasnt just a fluke, i take the corsair stick (cmx512-3200c2) and put it in the same slot i had the XXXXXXXXX in and started getting the long beep again. so, having test all the components in the computer, i have isolated it to the ram. i called your tech support and dialed 0, and some chinese guy got all my info and insured that the rma would be in my email in 5 minutes. he lied, and i still dont have an rma. any help would be very welcome. :/ thanks!
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