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bad stick in TwinX pair

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I'm having a problem with a set of TwinX1024-4400C25 modules I got. At 200 FSB they pass memtest, but if I try to run SuperPi it crashes, if I try Prime95 torture, it crashes. I have tried hard coding the memory timings in the bios to





I have tried setting the voltage to 2.75. Moving the timings to 2T doesn't help.

Moving the memory from 1:1 down to the 166Mhz setting does stablize it. If I remove one stick of the pair, everything stablizes. If I switch sticks, the other stick, with all the same settings, fails. The good stick ran Prime95 torture test in the blend setting for over 9 hours before I killed the test. The other stick, when in by itself, dies in 5 minutes. Both sticks together, prime 95 dies in 5 minutes. I have tried the same memory in another motherboard (both are MSI K8N Neo2 Platiums) with 2 different CPUs, a 3000 and a 3200 Athlon with a Winchester core.

I have not tried the sticks at the rated speed of 275 because if I can't get them to work at the base speed, I don't see how the higher speed could work. I can try anything you like, but I'm pretty sure it's the memory, and one stick is bad. Thanks for your help.

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