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RM750x for mining - pci splitter cable safety


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Hi guys,

I have been using Corsair RM750x PSU for mining rig with 4GPUs. Is it safe to use a splitter cable (the yellow-black one) and extension cable (the white one) as shown in the photo? I mean the compatibility of the arrangement of the pins in the original cables from Corsair with the pins of the splitter cable. Each card uses ~110W and the whole machine consumption from the electrical socket is 500W. (splitter link: https://allegro.pl/oferta/kabel-zasilajacy-rozdzielacz-pci-e-2x6-2-pin-8pin-10793046180 )


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a PCIE cable is spec'ed at 150W maximum.

With the splitter you are pulling 220W, so the cable is overloaded.

Using extensions isn't ideal either (the white one) as it causes voltage drop, adding to the losses

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