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ATX power cable question

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Hi All, 

Created this account as fear might be cracking up. I bought a HX1000i second hand and I am trying to fit it. I have been building computers for years but I can't seem to figure out how on Earth to connect the 24 pin ATX cable. The connector on the unit is on the bottom right and it says 24PIN but it seems to be in a 5/7 bank split and I can't find cable to fit - is it non-standard or am I doing something really stupid?

Thanks for any help in advance.

power supply.jpg

24PIN ATX.jpg

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If your cable doesn't fit one end in the PSU, then it doesn't go with the PSU.

For the 24-pin, the connection to the PSU on Corsair PSUs is going to be split into two connections and the cables will connect. Other manufacturers do things differently. But you absolutely must have cables for the PSU; the PSU connections aren't standardized.

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That's clearly not an HX cable at all.

You'll have to ask the right cable to the seller, or get one yourself. At this stage, i'd doubt the other cables too even if t hey do fit ^^'

HXi uses corsair type 3 cables.

You must use a type 3 for the 24 pin cable

You can use type 3 or type 4 for all the others (PCIE, molex, sata..) as they are the same pinout

for reference : https://www.corsair.com/us/en/psu-cable-compatibility

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8 hours ago, ErrrorWayz said:

Thank you both - you live and learn. I guess I just always used the supplied cable and assumed they were standardised.

The connectors for devices (motherboard, GPU, drives, etc.) absolutely are standardized. But the connections to the PSU are not ... so using the wrong cables can damage components.
Corsair is really consistent with their PSU connections - so most Corsair cables can be interchanged with other Corsair PSUs. Other manufacturers are not - I've had one maker's PSUs have completely different pinouts between two PSUs from the same line/brand but only 100W difference in power.

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