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Hi Mateo3423,

The fans we put on our AIO coolers are actually slightly tweaked for the cooler they come with, as to be ideal for that particular radiator. As such, you can definitely replicate the LIGHTING effect with a fan from the same series, but the airflow characters will be just a little bit lower rated. 

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The closest, from a performance perspective, are the fans from the Platinum series coolers. They are available individually (Hydro Series H100i RGB Platinum Replacement Fan, 120mm, 2400RPM (corsair.com)) but are expensive.

The next best would likely be the new ML Elite series that were just released, followed by the ML Pro.

That said, the difference will likely be minimal ... 1-2C coolant difference at load ... at most ... with whichever RGB fans tickles your fancy. Because life's just too short to not have RGB!

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The ML-Pro (4 LED) is the same blade and frame plus RGB.  It was capped at 1600 rpm unlike the 2400 on the OEM model, but on a 360mm CPU AIO you should never need more than that.  The recently released ML-Elite is the same blade design with a tweaked frame, upgraded to 8 LEDs, and extends the range a bit further to 2000 rpm.  That is what I would recommend in triple pack form so you get the required lighting hardware.  

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