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XG7 gpu waterblock leds problem


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I've got problems with new build. When using daisy chain (commander -> xd5 -> xg7 gpu -> xg7 cpu) and for example set red static color results are:

xd5 - red 

xd7 gpu - red/blue

xd7 cpu - blue 

For all colors same issue (yellow goes to white etc)


When connecting xg7 cpu directly to xd5 - both red (when red setted)  - no problem occurs for any color.

xg7 gpu connected directly to motherboard for test (argb header) - red with a little blue (and every color is damaged with a little bit of another). 

It seems that xg7 gpu has problems with leds (maybe cables) ? any solutions or ideas?   all elements are new...rma of gpu waterblock - nightmare (disassembling all the stuff - omg). 



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I suspect one of the LEDs in the XG7 is narfed.

The data is passed from one LED to the next to the next to the next ... in a daisy-chain. So if there is one bad one in the mix, it can take everything "past it" on the chain out.

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