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Icue 4.16 audio visualiser setting not working with Virtuoso SE headset


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Hi All,

When i want to use my Dominator memory and K100 RGB Keyboard with the audio visualiser settings, i have to switch to my ST100 stand instead of having my Virtuoso SE headset as my standard audio in/output device / source.

I dont understand why ? because this defeats the purpose of having a wireless headset, as i have to wire up my headset to the stand to get audio ;-).

I am now at Windows 11, had the same issue at Windows 10.

I think the necessity to have a corsair audio product in the first place is quite prohibitive towards the community / fanbase in general, i never bought these audio products for this feature ... because 2 - 3 years ago this audio visualiser setting wasnt even a option.

Anyhow i have no clue how to force ICUE to hook to my Virtuoso SE for the audio visualization. 

Thanks in advance for your input !

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