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Need advice about fan headers.


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Hi guys. Hope your all good....

My system is quite old and has this ASUS M4A3000E motherboard.  I am running a Rx580 dual 8gb gpu in there and its getting quite hot (80c). 

I am gonna be building a new system over the next few months and I want to get my iCue 5000x RGB first to get more airflow as I have stopped gaming cause of the heat.

Problem is I don't think my motherboard has the right fan header in it for PWM.  If I get the case can I just plug in the USB2 cable in to my MB (I got spare USB2 headers in there) or will I have to plug the PWM cable in as well for the fans to work properly? 

I have read that its best to keep the CPU fan connected to the motherboard as I was thinking maybe I could use the CPU header for the PWM cable and connect the CPU fan to the case controller and that would manage all the fans.

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you can plug PWM fans in 3 pin fan headers. they will work as the older 3 pins fan did, but with the PWM wire connected to nothing.

The USB cable is for the RGB control of the fans. The fans have two cables each. one for the motor, one for the RGB.

With this motherboard, you should not use the included PWM hub, because it will make your fans run at full speed constantly. Well.. you can, it won't damage anything, but it will be noisy 🙂


In short :

-all fans connected to the lighting node core (RGB controller), and that to the USB header of the motherboard

-Connect the fans PWM cables to the motherboard headers (with splitters if you don't have enough headers), and control them from the motherboard bios.


Whenever you get your new rig, with PWM support, you'll be able to plug all the fans to the PWM repeater, and that to a single motherboard header.

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Hi LeDoyen.

I don't know if I'm just being dumb but I think I only have one fan header on the board.  I will have to pop the case and have a look.

I think I have 1 - 4 pin CPU header and 2- 3 pin headers. Sure ones for a chassis fan. 

Think I will have to use those as you suggested. 

Thanks for the suggestion.  Will let you know how I get on. 


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Hi Hardcore.

It's more to do with if I can use the CPU header as that's the only one I have on my MB.  

Then plug the CPU fan into the Commander pro or the controllers that come built into the case. 



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yep you can do that.

plug the PWM hub to the CPU fan header, then all your fans including CPU cooler to the hub.

Of course they will all run at the same speed since it's only a PWM repeater. no individual speed control 🙂

Then as you change your rig, you either will have lots of PWM headers on the new motherboard, or get a dedicated fan controller if you want (Commander pro / XT)

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Hi LeDoyan.

Thanks for replying again.  I will do that then.  I'm stuck at the min lol.

I can't just upgrade one component with my system as my motherboard only supports 8gb ram so I'm stuck there,  I don't think there is another CPU to upgrade to as I have a Athlon and I think the Phenom is the only one up so that's not worth it.  So it's time for a new system.

I,m getting the Corsair 5000x case, Ryzen 9 5950x, Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming MB, Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX 75 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler.

I'm just a bit confused what ram to go for.  Apparently 3600 CL16 is the sweet spot for Ryzen but Corsair got some Dominator 3600 with CL18 that is Ryzen optimised. 

It's going to take a few months to get it all together as I have kids and they like eating and need nappies lol but I'm Dying to get stuck into Star Citizen!

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yea take your time for the build. With Alder lake giving Ryzen a run for its money, the prices may drop soon (and Zen4 is coming too).

Don't worry, Star Citizen won't have changed in 6 months 😛

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