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How to get Lighting Profile to Startup without iCue on boot up of laptop + How do I swap the @ and " keys around?!

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Hi All,

Totally new to corsair. Bought a K70 keyboard and use Mac OS. Can't figure out how to get my lighting profile to start up when I switch on my laptop without having to open icue each time. I've set up a lighting profile and saved it to the keyboard but it still makes me open icue to get the lighting up and I have to click on "hardware lighting"

Also I have a UK keyboard and the @ and " are correct on the physical keyboard but still swapped around when I click on them. I've tried remapping but every time I remap the key with 2 and " to the key with ' and @, I lose the '2' key. I dunno if that makes sense but can someone help me sort this annoying issue out?!


Thank you SO much in advance.

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