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[Feature request] One key to toggle key zones


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Hi guys,


since today I have a K100 keyboard as an early birthday present and I really love it. Now I want to create following lightning effect:

On pressing "NUM LOCK" I want to light up the entire num block with a static color (could be an effect too) to show that the num pad is on. On pressing "NUM LOCK" again I want to disable the static lightning of the num pad. 

Fort this I have created a new layer, but I'm missing some actions like "toggle layer" or something else. I could set a button press for this layer as a start but this action for stop "on pressed" is very uncomnfortable because thios will disable this effect whenever I press a single key of the num pad. 

At the discord channel one of the staff tested this and only found out a way with two separate profiles, but this feels pretty odd to me.

Therefore I want to ask for a new feature like:

- Add a key as a toggle for a specific layer or

- Add a key as a toggle for a specific effect or

- Define a key to be excluded from the stop action "key pressed"

Kind regards from Germany!

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