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Icue h100i elite capellix not spinning.


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I currently am having issues with my icue h100i elite and my LL120s.

I have my 2 h100i fans from the radiator connected to the commander core on the the back side with the 2 rgbs connected.

The commander core runs power to the sata, the commander core is connected to a usb 2.0.

The two pump wires- one goes to the cpu fan header, the other to the commander core.

the 3 LL120 fans run to the commander core, fan and rgb connector. 

on launch, the 3 LL120 fans run but don’t light up. 

the 2 icue h100i fans don’t move at all.

my current build is 

-z590 plus Wi-Fi motherboard

-intel i7 11700

- gigabyte 1660 3gb

-Corsair RM850x 

-Corsair vengeance RGB SL (2x16 gbs, 3600)

-Samsung 2 tv tb QVO


will add more later on


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