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Combining LS100 strips and RGB Pro strips on Powered LS100 Controller and Lighting Node Pro Controllers?

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I designed and purchased everything I'd need for a comprehensive Desk and PC RGB Strip setup with the help of Zotty and C-Attack and Dev-Biker a few months ago.

To give you an idea of the scale of the setup, I have about 16x QL120 fans across two PC's with about 5 Lighting node cores LOL, 28 RGB Pro strips, 3 Lighting Node Pro controllers, an LS100 Starter Kit with its powered controller, Cappellix H150i and its Commander Core, a Commander Pro, all the adapters I need to integrate my O11 Dynamic case RGB and Strimmers into iCUE, Powered USB Hub, NZXT Powered USB 2.0 Header Splitter, old 1050W PSU to power the desk strips, Alexa Plug yadda yadda yadda!!

........all still in boxes because I haven't had the time because of work to get started!! LOL.

At this point months after formulating the plan with the aforementioned experts, I have forgotten a lot of it. I've re-read my threads once and I couldn't understand what I was saying nevermind what the guys were saying!! LOL

I'm going to have to re-read them several times to refresh my memory and help me understand my old plan from months ago.

Since then however, I have amended some of my plans for the Desk and added a large section of 3D Wall Panels on the back wall of the desk behind the monitor and want to light these up with LS100 strips. I already have the Starter Kit with the Controller and 2x 450mm and 2x 250mm strips. However, I want to have two runs of LS100 strips top and bottom of the section of 3D Wall Panels both of which are 185cm Wide. I now see that Corsair make 140cm LS100 extenders with 84 LED's. I also understand that any Pro controller be it Commander, Lighting or LS100 controller has a 192 LED limit across 2 channels and a max of 130 something LED limit on any single channel.

To span the 3D wall Panel width of 185cm I'd want to use 1x140cm (84 LED's) + 1x45cm (27 LEDs) LS100 strips top and the same on bottom. Can't run them all from one powered LS100 Controller because that would be 84+27+84+27=222 LEDs well over the 192 LED limit across the 2 channels of any controller. 

So my main question is this....To save myself having to buy another LS100 Starter Kit in order to get another powered 2 channel Controller and have even more 450+250mm strips I don't actually need, can I instead mix and match controllers such that I would use 2 of my Lighting Node Pro Controllers with a combination of LS100 strips and RGB Pro strips. ie. Lighting Node Pro #1 Channel 1 would have an LS100 140cm and 45cm strip (84+27=111 LEDs which is below the single channel 130 something limit) and Channel 2 would have 6x RGB Pro Strips (6x10=60 LEDs). 111+60=171 LEDs which is below the 192 LED limit across 2 channels of a given controller. Lighting Node Pro #2 would be the same. I would then run the remainder of the RGB Pro strips off the third Lighting Node Pro controller and the actual LS100 powered Controller that in this scenario I wouldn't actually be using for the LS100 strips.

I think I have most 'Gotchas' covered especially considering the fact that I'll be swapping out the Cappelix H150i AIO with its Commander Core for one of the new 360mm Corsair AIO's with the Display screen on the pump like the NZXT Kraken Z series AIO's, that Corsair are teasing and will officially announce next week. I am assuming that these new AIO's will ship with the new Commander Core XT, Meaning I'll have an extra RGB channel to play around with, fill any RGB channel gaps in my new proposed RGB Strip setup.

So I assume given I already have 2x 45cm LS100 strips from my Starter Kit and I am also pretty sure (but I need confirmation from you guys) that I already have all the Controller channels I'd need, that assuming all that, I just need to buy 2x 1.4m LS100 Extensions??

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