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Virtuoso Wireless Headset defaulting to 8 channel format

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I am having an issue I have seen posted here but with no concrete answers. I am having to constantly switch the Virtuoso headset back to 2 Channel, 24 bit, 48000 Hz format in Windows as the 8 Channel format does not work well with games that require stereo audio like Hunt: Showdown. Not sure why it resets as it did halfway through a game once. Auto Audio Re-positioning is OFF.

I have updated Windows, iCue and firmware. I have uninstalled iCue and drivers and reinstalled the drivers Windows automatically installs. This actually fixes the issue as the headset sounds and functions fine without iCue and no pesky 8 channel format. But I need iCue for fan and RBG control. As soon as it is installed it redownloads the drivers and the 8 channel mode pops up.

Any ideas??


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