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How to link Commander Core & Lightning Node Pro


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I'm having trouble trying to figure out if this is possible. 


I have 6 QL fans connected to the Commander Core that came with my H150i. The 3 fans that came with the AIO are connected to a Lighting Node Pro and motherboard headers.


In the iCue software, I see the pump and the lightning node at the top. Is there a way to link these 2? I currently have to set an effect on one and then set an effect on the other. I would like, for instance, to set the visor effect which bounces the light from one fan to the next but I would also like to include the 3 radiator fans as well. 


I'm not sure if this is possible or if I need a Commander Pro. To clarify, there is no physical connection between the Commander Core and Lightning Node Pro. I'm not sure if this is necessary to be able to link all 9 fans to display the same effect. TYIA

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To achieve effects such as you are wishing you will need to utilize the predefined LIGHTING LINK effects. Otherwise the effects set are device specific and will not be synced across devices

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