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K55 Keyboard not working properly on multiple laptops


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My K55 Keyboard suddenly started causing issues on my 2 Windows 10 laptops (one dell from work and my personal Asus vivobook)

The behaviour is as follows: Shift keys no longer work yet seem to be constantly engaged as clicking on a hyperlink launches a new browser window and the arrow keys select whole words, caps lock seems to be inversed, numpad no longer works.

It also causes the scroll wheel of my mouse (trust) to no longer work and also the onboard keyboard of the laptops(s) do not work properly when the k55 is plugged in. After unplugging the keyboard and rebooting windows the laptop works normal again.  The onboard keyboard shift keys, capslock and numpad work fine and the scroll wheel of the mouse also starts working again.

Behaviour is on two different laptops (win10 home and win10 pro) of different hardware vendors so that rules any laptop and windows issue out.

How can i get this keyboard to function properly again? I already reset it twice using the FN+F4 function and i downloaded the icue to update the firmware version (the upgrade was succesful but it did not solve the problem)

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Additional information: Issues could still occur even when keyboard got disconnected. 

I had to uninstall the device drivers for the HID keyboard device and Standard PS2 keyboard and reboot Windows.

I have connected another USB keyboard and have been able to work without any issue since.

So it seems that the K55 somehow corrupts these drivers during installation.

This is something that should be addressed in a firmware release.


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  • Corsair Employees

Hi svenb,

I've never encountered this problem before. Can you please open a ticket with our support team? They would gladly help look into your issue, and if it's not something that can be fixed, we should at the very least log this into our report in case future customers report it as well. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

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