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I have been looking on the Ql120 fans and i am know about corsairs wire and controller jungle for these RGB fans.

On my pre system i had 6 fans so no problem with 1 node and 1 commander pro box.


Now my new system will have 7 x 120 fans installed.


How do i connect these right ?

I guess i need 2 node boxes unless i can use a Y splitter in one of the node ports.

Then i need a commander pro for pwm, but that also has only 6 ports. Can i use a pwm Y splitter on one of the ports to get just 7 fans total.

Or do i realy need 2 nodes and 2 commander pros for more than 6 fans or just 7.

Seems expensive and i will end up in a wire jungle.


Or how can i connect these fans easy and cheap ?

I got a coolermaster ARGB 520 case and a hero xiii board with 2 x usb pins connectors.

The node box use 1 usb pin header each right ?


Im getting a bit confused over this

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  Since you will be buying QL fans if you get the 3 packs they do come with the Lighting Node Core. If you purchase two of the three packs you will have two of these RGB controllers. They require SATA power and a USB header (1 header port and one SATA power connection per LNC) Connect the LNC that comes with the QL to the two open USB 2.0 Headers on the Commander Pro (Make sure you get the connections centered and all pins connected. It's easy to get them off center). 

Connect the LNC SATA power connection to your Power Supply.

Connect the QL fans RGB connections to the LNC ports starting at port #1  through #6. Connect fan #7's RGB connection to the second LNC port #1.

Connect the Commander Pro to SATA power on the PSU,  and then the USB connection on the CoPro to your Motherboard USB 2.0 Header. 

Connect the fans PWM connections to the Commander Pro PWM connections. Determine which fans you want to run at the same speed (I picked my two top case fans as I wanted them to be running at the same RPM) and place a PWM splitter on that PWM connection on the Commander Pro's PWM port. If you use a splitter on one of the CoPro ports you will be able to control all 7 of the fans PWM off the Commander Pro. Keep in mind that the fans connected to the splitter will run at the same RPM you set for that 1 port in iCUE.

That should get all your RGB and PWM connections working for your fans. 

It will also leave two open RGB ports on your Commander Pro in case you want to add more RGB strips etc. inside your case later.

Hope this helps.


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Awsome !


Simple and great explained.

Thx for the heads up regarding

"Keep in mind that the fans connected to the splitter will run at the same RPM you set for that 1 port in iCUE"


I guess i will Y split my  3 front or 3 top fans since they will be running same speed 🙂

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 I would use a 2 way splitter max per single Commander Pro port.  I Wouldn't suggest using a 3 way splitter off a single CoPro port as it may draw too much power and then the port may stop working. I would recommend limiting it to a 2 way splitter max just to be safe. Also DO NOT HOT SWAP connections on a Commander Pro. It has been known to damage them doing so.

 Make all the necessary connections then power it on. If you need to change anything power off the PC and make any changes and power on again. That should keep the CoPro in a working condition.  Enjoy your build. 😃 


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