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Hi, so im building a PC right now. 


it comes with the H150i Pro XT.


i orderd 3 RGB fans aswell 2x 140mm LL RGB and 1x 120mm RGB.


do i need a Commander PRO for them so they light RGB and can i see what temperature they have?


or do i need the LED hub aswell?


i really dont understand why they make this so hard, it makes me so mad.


i would like to simply just buy the COMMANDER PRO even if it costs more just so that i can set the RGB, see the Temp and all that.


is that all possible just with the Commander PRO? and do i need to connect the H150i PRO XT to the Commander PRO aswell?


in total there will be 6 FANS with the H150i Fans.


thank you for your help!

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