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Is there a version of iCue that just WORKS?


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What is the most stable version of iCue that works for you? 

My problem is that iCue either

a) Crashes randomly and irrecoverably needing a restart.
b) Crashes randomly, is able to be restarted, crashes again rinse repeat ad nauseum.
c) I have 5 peripherals. M65 mouse, K70 rgb mk2 lp keyboard, mm800 pad, lt100 & ls100 towers & lights. Any or all will disappear randomly. iCue says no devices found
d) I have 7 profiles set up, assigned to different programs. Randomly they won't work, or don't change when switching programs.

Is ther a version that you use that just works?

Any help, suggestions would be appreciated.

Things I have tried.


- Reinstalling

- Uninstalling and reinstalling.

- Uninstalling. Restart. Removing all instances/drivers as per Corsair FAQ. Restarting. Installing. Restarting. 

- Removing individual peripherals and reinstalling after a reboot.
- Installing iCue anc then adding peripherals individually.



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