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Icue - mouse profile issue

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I've searched far and wide but can not find a a solution to the following issue:


I currently have two mouse profiles for gaming that I switch between by an assigned hotkey for profile switiching. I would like to add a third mouse profile that I can activate by going in to Icue, but that remains uncycleable through the aforementioned profile switching hotkey. Is this possible, if so, how?

Thank you!

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You need to create a 3rd software profile in CUE which can be made easier by duplicating one of your current ones, then changing the name and any other parameters.  After that, it should be clearly visible to add to your list in the Action menu-> Profile Switch.  Make sure "loop the list" is checked so that it wraps around and then use the "Copy" button in the lower corner to automatically duplicate this in the other 2 profiles.  



Screenshot (33).png

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