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Fans h100i cappelix don't show ICUE


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my h100i cappelix fans don't show up on icue, i've done it all and they don't even turn on any rgb.
1- I have already reinstalled
2- I removed the armory crate and there suite
3-I changed the commander core slots
4- I installed the firmware
is there anything i can do?
motherboard: z590-a
psu: 800w corsair

sorry my bad english




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The Commander Core uses an auto-detect feature.  See if you can manually set the Lighting Configuration (Configuração de Iluminação).  Try "8 LED fan x 2".  That should create 2 8 LED fans in the Lighting Effects tab above.  

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The Commander Core has independent RGB headers, so unlike the other controllers if one fan is bad the other should still light up.  Since two independent fans are not lighting, that suggests either some type of basic controller failure or possibly the more common RGB interference.

1) Try turning on one of the preset "scenes" on the main page of CUE.  These are overlays on top of existing settings, so they should show if the device is capable.  If nothing happens, that suggests a controller issue. 

2) When you quit CUE, it should drop into Hardware Lighting Mode.  Try setting an effect there, go to a different tab in CUE, then quit the program from system tray.  Do the fans light up?  If not, that again suggests there may be an issue with the controller.

3) If the above work or not, it's still possible to see interference with other RGB software and the trick is fully removing it.  Go to the CUE settings and check/uncheck the Asus plugin box.  Does it have any effect?

4) Start a support ticket with Corsair.  Definitely possible there is a controller issue here.  


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I did some tests and it doesn't really work, there's one of the fans that has 1 green LED, 
but the others don't turn on, I'm going to open a ticket to corsair
Thanks a lot for the help
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That seems like at least one bad fan. However, the other should not be affected by it on a Commander Core. That means both fans could have a problem. 

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