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LL120 Fans keep finding new ways to be broken


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As the title suggests, i am having trouble with my LL120 fans.

When I bought my pc, i has 2 LL120 fans working perfectly. I added 3 more last week, was quite simple to wire up considering i had a hub with 6 ports.

The 4th fan only had the inner ring lighting up and the 5th fan didn't light up at all. I thought maybe the 4th fan was broken, so i replaced the 4th fan with a new one.

Then the 4th fan was working as well, the 5th fan only had the inner ring lit up. The next day i started my pc and the 3th and 4th fan wouldn't update anymore (ICUE profiles didn't work, hardware lighting didn't update). I know for sure that worked the previous day. I thought the 5th fan might be messing up, so i completely removed the 5th fan.

Now the first 2 fans both work perfectly, the third fan only lights up the inner ring and the 4th fan doesn't light up at all.

I replaced the rgb hub for a brand new one as well, but that didn't fix anything either.

Does anyone know what is going wrong? I realize the 4 fans all work completely because all was fine yesterday. but somehow they keep messing up in new ways.

I have update all firmware on each fan and hub, and i have updated the ICUE software

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