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Dominator cmt32gx4m4d3600c18 on evga x99 classified

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attempting to get this kit to run 3600 mhz on an EVGA Classified x99 mb.... xmp 2.0 will not enable only xmp 1 will and I cannot seem to get it above 3400 mhz

does anyone have experience with this motherboard and ram that can help me figure out what is going  on... I have the voltage for the ram set to 1.35 

from what I understand that is what it should be at..... still do no get why xmp2 wont enable and also having some random issues with the ram showing up in windows as a 24 gb kit not 32   once I turned it on xmp1 and turned it down to 3400 it seems to be ok but any higher and 1 stick totally dissappears from the system in bios and windows.... very odd things going on , sure could use some help with this if anyone has any idea's.... much appreciated !!!

added a few screenshots of the issue as well


Screenshot 2021-10-16 163322.jpg

Screenshot 2021-10-16 17042932 gigs not reporting in win 10 shows 24.jpg

Screenshot 2021-10-16 181130.jpg

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X99 was the first DDR4 motherboard and now we have arrived at the last.  I know I topped out at 3200 on mine and the most I can remember seeing from others for stable values was 3466.  That doesn't mean 3600 is not possible in terms of high end overclocking, but I doubt its what you want for everyday use. 


I am sure that RAM was not meant for X99 and I am not surprised XMP won't boot.  You likely can go up slightly on DIMM voltage if temperatures are OK.  I suspect that kit is Micron IC, but you can check the version number.  If it starts with 3.xx than that is correct.  You also may be able to drop primary timings a rung at 3466 or two at 3200/3333 and get better end results.  

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thanks for the reply,

I have it running stable at 3200 currently, last nite i was attempting to figure out why the xmp2 would not enable, it will with xmp1 at 3467 I think it was

I did a search on the corsair site for memory for this board and it said this ram would run at 3600 on the classified x99 which was why I purchased some

although it does not bother me to much, but I really would like to at least know why the xmp2 wont come on, it says not supported at all in the bios.

temps on  the memory is fine, everything seems fine , highest temp i saw on the ram was 90f  which I dont think is  to bad, oh well I guess its time to get ready to build that new pc as soon as the latest intel cpu's come out.... and just when I was just getting used to this board (which I love btw )

anyway, thank you for the response, I tried evga forums and a bunch viewed and did not even respond.


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Typically XMP 1 is primary timings and voltage and the board uses its programming to fill in the rest. XMP 2 contains additional secondary values set by the memory manufacturer. Whether one is better or worse than the other depends on the MB’s level of aggression and usual luck in the hardware lottery (cpu, ram, and mb). Hand timing will likely give better results than any preset value, even if you just tweak a few secondary values. I would view the inability to set it as too much of a loss. 

As to why it won’t enable, I can only guess. X99s were quirky and starting with the next cpu series changes were made. That kit came out after I bought my original Dominator 4x8 3600 kit several years back. Your kit was likely intended for x570 AMD boards or Intel Z490 or newer. There may be something in the preset that does not mesh with the board’s expected values. I am impressed you were able to run 3466 without pulling your hair out for a few days. In grand scheme of things all you lost on XMP 2 was the Corsair tREFI and tRFC values. They would have been conservative and board likely sets more appropriate values for your CPU. 

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I must have been lucky with the memory god's... yesterday I decided to play around a bit with the bclk setting and turned it up to 105/6 and managed to get the 3600 up to speed on the x99 classified.... but I work during the week and did not have time to run mem test to see how stable it was.... seemed ok though.

I plan on doing it again this weekend and running mem test with it and also put the timings to what this kit is spec'd for.... will let you know how it does once the test is done this coming weekend . oh I also had an issue with the board allocating 11.1 gbs of ram for video for some reason, still have not found out how to disabled that but I think it is in the cms settings on so I'm hoping on recovering some of that as usuable ram.... I have tried attaching photo's here but the jpegs dont seem to ul on here..... I take that back it seem's to work today 

Screenshot 2021-10-16 204913.jpg

Screenshot 2021-10-18 003952.jpg

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