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Power - Epox 9NDA3J - XMS (2XCMX512-3200C2PT)

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I'm new to overclocking and have some questions -

system specs:


AMD Athlon64 3000+ Winchester Core @ 1.8ghz (200x9)

Thermal Right XP-90 HS

EPoX 9NDA3J mainboard

2x Corsair DDR 400 (XMS CMX512-3200C2PT) in Dual Channel

WD Raptor 36gb SATA HD


Creative Audigy 2 ZS

Shuttle DVD/CD RW

COOLMAX 400w Silent Switching power supply


I'm planning on overclocking the 3000+ to 2.4ghz.

Given the sys config above, - do you think it is possible to get the XMS chips

to run at 240mhz, - if I set the FSB at 240 with a 10x multiplier?

And - is my 400w power supply up to the task of powering an overclocked system?

in addition to the components above I'm powering one 80mm case fan and a 90mm case fan over the CPU.


Also: The 9NDA3J claims to support asynchronous FSB/Memory timings.

If running the Memory at 240mhz is a problem - I could limit its speed to 200mhz in the BIOS and run the cpu at 240 asynchronously.

Does anyone have experience with asynchronous timings on the 9NDA3J?

can you truly do this without suffering extra performance hits? I'm suspicious.


Anyway - I'm mainly wondering if I need a higher output power supply - I don't want to dive into the overclocking game until I know my set-up can handle it.


thanks -


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do you think it is possible to get the XMS chips

to run at 240mhz,

It really depends on the Revision of the modules.

Different IC's OC better than others.

It's quite possible, with some voltage and relaxed timings.

(don't go over 2.9 volts)

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