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Void Wireless. Completely dead. Second one - brand new!!

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So, 8 weeks ago, I purchased the wireless Void as I had a wired one for work and I love the retractable/movable mic. 

After about 2 weeks, it started going into bootloader mode, so I followed the troubleshooting. It eventually got worse and worse (every day I would have to do the bootloader step. I was not inadvertently touching the buttons. Whether I turned the headset off with the power button, or let timeout and turn itself off, it would never turn back on again, until the bootloader guff. Until Tuesday when it went dead and I wasn't able to get it back at all. 

Phoned Amazon - they replaced, which I received today. Plugged it in, and it started - YAY!!! Until, I saw a message on Icue 4 saying update firmware, which I did, and the new headset is now completely dead. I've uninstalled Icue - reinstalled version 3. and still nothing. 

Two laptops - both windows 10 - one has icue, the other doesn't. I've changed them round, uninstalled and reinstalled. 

I actually really like this headset. I would really appreciate if someone could help me to get it working



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I meant to add, the headset was fully charged before I upgraded the firmware and it stopped working completely. Now, when I force the firmware update when it asks to connect the headset via the usb cable, it doesn't recognise it at all. 

Firmware version 0.08

Software version 3.38.61


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So, not much point in having a support forum if Corsair don't bother replying, is there?

Completely disgusted. 

Returning this second headset. 

My company uses Corsair headsets for its (locally) 500 plus workers. We're always asked to provide feedback on the tech we use. I'll certainly be filling them in on my experiences with Corsair. 

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it is the users forum. Corsair occasionally steps in to answer but their focus is obviously in responding to support tickets.

You should open one in the support section of the website to reach to them directly, otherwise your post here may be completely missed

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Hey, thanks responding. Shows excellent manners - I appreciate it!

This obviously isn't directed at you, but if Corsair don't have staff on these forums, then they shouldn't call them "Technical Support and Customer Service". I've wasted enough of my time already. 

When I buy something, I expect it to work. As I said, ******** happens, and one duff headset is just unfortunate. For exactly the same to happen to a second? With no response whatsoever from the makers? Nah. That's just an illustration of rubbish customer service. 

I have two (less than year old) laptops here that I've lost count of how many times I've installed/uninstalled Icue, and two bricked headsets. I have spent hours on these things, following all the troubleshooting steps and still they don't work. 

That's it for me. I'm out. 

As I said, I really do appreciate your response. 



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