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Set static color as default when iCUE is not running.


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iCUE version 4.16.194

Does anyone know how to set a static color as permanent – meaning even when iCUE doesn’t start, the set color remains?  This feature was available with the old iCUE software. This new look iCUE software seems to have removed that feature.

Currently, I have my iCUE products (RAM, Rear RGB fan, and H115i RGB AIO) set to a static color or red. However, if I close or prevent iCUE from starting up upon reboot, the colors revert to a default rainbow setting.  I’d like that default setting to still be red. How to solve?

The reason I don’t want iCUE to startup is cause I consistently get a “corsair.service” stopped working error in Windows “Reliability History” panel. 


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You can set up hardvare lighting in ICUE

Select the part you want to change, click on hardware lighting, and then on + then scroll down to static light, where you can select your colour 


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Hey man thanks! Hardware lighting did the trick.

Thank you 🙂


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